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We have capes and hats for the Wizards, Knights, Pirates and Elves of the Kingdom,
perfect for Harry Potter, Peter Pan or Robin Hood and his Merry Mencostume boys 08.jpg                                 Knights Tabard set

Of all the items you might buy for a dress up box, the cape is the most versatile

A child in a cape can be one moment Harry Potter casting a magic spell,a dashing
Knight, one of the Elves in The Lord of The Rings, a super hero, or a pioneer

Our capes are easy to wear, easy to clean, and will stay looking smart for years

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 costume boys 01.jpg
Glittering  Velvet Wizard Cape and Merlin Hat 

costume boys 02.jpg
Peter Pan
or Elf


costume boys 06.jpg
Glittering  Velvet Wizard Cape and Merlin Hat 

costume boys 07.jpg
Peter Pan
or Elven 

costume boys 11.jpg
Shimmer Capes

 costume boys 09.jpg
Royal Cape and Crown

costume boys 05.jpg

costume boys 04.jpg
Reversible Royal
Crowns Gold or Silver lame'

pirate_hat_011.jpg   pirate_tunic_hat_01.jpg   pirate_hat_cape -01.jpg
Pirate fun on the seven seas matey

costume boys 12.jpg    costumes boys 010.jpg   costumes boys 03.jpg
 Merlin Hat


                                                               Robin Hood or Peter Pan Hat


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